The Harmony Club of Binghamton

Welcomes all lovers of music

What’s Happening

Our monthly programs, November through June, are free and open to the public; 

(unless otherwise indicated) they are held at

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

305 Murray Hill Road   Vestal, NY


Please note:  Because of music copyright and licensing regulations and Club policy, it is not permitted to record audio, video, or photograph our programs, in part or whole, for publication, posting, or social media sharing, without advance written permission of the Club.

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Oboe Closeup

Fair Winds

1:00 PM   November 3, 2021

Coordinator:  Joanne Peters



Ringing in the Holidays
At:  Vestal United Methodist Church

1:00 PM   December 1, 2021
(snow date December 8)

Program coordinator:  Jeff Wahl

Throwing Caps

Honoring the Seniors

COVID Cancelled

1:00 PM   January 12, 2022
(snow date January 19)


Red love heart on hearts

Love Is In The Air

COVID Cancelled

1:00 PM   February 2, 2022
(snow date February 9)


Clover Leaves

Irish Spring Is Upon Us

1:00 PM   March 2, 2022
(snow date March 9)

Coordinator:  Helen Conklin


Can You Handle Handel?

1:00 PM   April 6, 2022

Coordinator:  Tony Villecco

STMTA and Harmony Club

Annual Fundraiser Recital

Cancelled this year

Celebrating The Keyboard, II

1:00 PM   May 4, 2022

Coordinator:  Claudia Kachmarik


Harmony Club Elections at 1:00 PM!!

Piano keyboards

Outdoor Birthday Table

Al Fresco BYO-Lunch Officer Installation

Wednesday  1:00 PM   June 8, 2022
                                       NB:  Date change

Coordinator:   Joanne PetersJo

Who We Are

The Harmony Club of Binghamton was founded in 1925 by a group of 12 music lovers.  The object of the Club is to study, perform, and enjoy music, and to make awards available to local high school musicians.  Anyone interested in music, whether a practicing musician or not, is welcome to join our membership.

Members meet monthly to perform for each other and to discuss music in a relaxed atmosphere.  Our recitals may include classical, popular standards, songs of stage and screen, sacred, and/or contemporary music, both vocal and instrumental.

As a charitable and educational organization, one of Harmony Club's major functions is to provide music awards to local high school seniors who are pursuing post-secondary education.  These awards are funded by contributions of members and private bequests (we are a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under IRS rules.)

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Get in Touch

PO Box 234
Apalachin, NY  13732

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High School Senior Awards 

  • Applications must be received by   

    • Saturday, May 

  • Auditions: 

    • Tuesday, May , 6:00-9:00 PM     or

    • Wednesday, May , 3:00-6:00 PM

  • Award Recipient Recital:  June 

Senior Awards are not being presented in 2022.  There will be no auditions. 

Sheet music on music stand

Members-only Matters

Wedding Table

Season Opening Luncheon

Wednesday, October  at 12:15 PM
Registration:  11:30 AM
Catered by 

Music by 


Coordinators:  Luncheon: